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We specialize in appointment setting, exclusive, shared and real-time leads. Leads enter our system within seconds of them clicking "SUBMIT"

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Real Customer Testimonial

"I submitted 3 apps this week. Thanks to the leads program. I have 2 conversations pending and another couple pending. All from the leads system. I'm so grateful! $4,509.00 submitted this week!!"

Suzette R. in Florida

Appointment setting made easy.

Growing your insurance business can be easy when you have good leads to contact.

How it Works: Leads select the day/time that they prefer to speak with an agent, and our system then automatically puts them on the calendar of the next available agent. It's that easy.

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Where Do We Get Leads?

We use the power of social media to source leads from sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. After they click "Submit", leads are delivered within seconds.

We have the answers to your questions.

How do you get your leads?

We source our leads from a number of resources, including but not limited to, our owned and operated websites targeted at people who are likely to desire life insurance.

How much are your leads?

Lead prices vary by type, age and other factors. Our lowest cost leads are typically our aged and shared leads, while our most popular leads are usually our exclusive lead types.

Are the leads available all over the US?

We source leads across the US. Availability of specific states will vary by day, time and other factors.

Do you offer support?

Yes, of course! Someone is available during business hours for questions or support about the platform.

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We Help Insurance Agents

At OmniBay , our goal is to help agents grow their businesses with access to quality life insurance and recruitment leads.

OmniBay Global Data Services

"I made $2,400 in three days using the leads system."

Elisa V. in Florida

Stop bugging your family and friends to buy insurance. Get quality leads instead.